Being a member – New Member Information

Thank you for joining Full Circle Vocal Group (FCVG). We are excited to have you on board.

Here are a few things you should know now you’re a member:

Joining fee – what do you get?

  • I ask for payment one week before the first session of term, but paying on the first night is absolutely fine. Please no later, unless it has been agreed with me.
  • I prefer a bank transfer, but cash and cheque (payable to Polly Murray) is also welcome!
  • Please note that as I have a full time job, I am not always able to pay in cheques as soon as I receive them.
  • There is no ‘pay as you go’ system, unfortunately, but if you are unable to pay for the term up front, please speak to me.
  • I regret that I can’t reduce the termly fee if you are not available for part of the term.
  • FCVG is one of the cheapest choirs out there (and also the best!), but if the room hire charges go up, I will have to increase the cost to join. I will give as much notice as possible.
  • You get, at the very least, 10 sessions per term but some terms are longer, therefore there might be up to 13 sessions in a term. The price for the term is the same no matter now many sessions I run.


  • Your payment for FCVG goes directly back into the choir (unfortunately I don’t buy new shoes or handbags with it). It covers room hire, printing and paper costs, buying sheet music and backing tracks, equipment for choir sessions, your name badges and scarves and my personal music development. This list is not exhaustive.
  • I have a separate bank account for choir funds and your money goes directly in there. I keep receipts and invoices for everything I buy for choir.


  • I will only send group emails relating to choir matters and they will always have the option to unsubscribe. The emails will contain information about forthcoming sessions, reminders, term dates and links to recorded parts for you to learn between sessions.
  • If a session has to be cancelled in an emergency or in adverse weather conditions, a message will go out by email or text (please give me your mobile number).

Your data

  • I promise to never share your details with anyone in the choir (or externally), unless I have your permission. This will only be if someone from the choir would like to contact you about something you may have talked about in the session.
  • I will always give you the option to unsubscribe in all group emails.
  • I only use your details to email you about choir matters.
  • No one else has the password to my computer or email system I use to store your email address.


  • We try to get involved in as much as possible within the community. If you do not want to perform, then I won’t make you(!) but I do strongly encourage it, as it is a good way to fully immerse yourself into the choir. You do get a big high from performing! We tend to perform in care homes, pubs and other places in the town.
  • We always have a Friends & Family performance at Christmas.

Workshops and ‘Choir Fusions’

  • Due to the success of the workshops, I try to arrange for a guest musician to come in to lead a session once a year. Please refer to the ‘What we’ve done‘ page to see who we’ve had in before.
  • Occasionally we join other local choirs and come together to sing a song we have learnt separately beforehand. Choir Fusions are great fun!


  • After 9 years, I have introduced a very informal ‘uniform’. We wear pink scarves for performances and special occasions. Scarves are £5 and payable when joining.
  • When you join, I order a name badge for you to wear during the sessions. They are included in the fee, but if you lose it, it is £6 to replace.
  • I issue you with music folders for performances. This is included in the fee.

Loyalty system

  • If you come to all or all but one session in a term you get one session free the following term.
  • If you recommend a friend to choir, you both get a session free.


  • As specified in the ‘What we do‘ section, we like to go for meals in town at the end of term, members like to host smaller gatherings in the holidays and there is usually a gaggle of us who go to the pub after each session.

Above all, we are a very friendly group and to be in my choir I expect everyone to welcome new members, and to integrate into the group as much as possible. I want to promote an environment where you don’t feel judged and are encouraged by everyone around you. This will only make for a stronger sounding choir!

I hope you enjoy your time with FCVG!